PAD laser

laserPAD is a fast and effective, minimally invasive disinfection system which is ideal for endodontics and caries therapy. Low-powered laser light is transmitted through a disposable fibre-optic tip to activate the PAD anti-bacterial solution. Within 1 to 3 minutes the PAD system eliminates more than 99.99% of bacteria found in root canals and in the cavity floor of deep carious lesions.

We use the pad laser to sterilise root canals prior to filling. Clinical and laboratory studies have confirmed that PAD is effective against bacteria in biofilms in the root canal system, penetrating into dentinal tubules beyond the canal itself. Endodontic treatments are given increased certainty, with root canal disinfection prior to restoration reducing post-treatment infection risk.

It allows us to kill bacteria the floor of deep cavities by penetrating partially demineralised dentine, eliminating cariogenic bacteria and reducing the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. This helps maintain the health of your pulp by limiting the amount of bacteria that reach your nerve, helping avoid irreversible pulpitis and subsequent root canal therapy or extraction.

To improve outcomes of periodontal therapy, the pad laser is used to kill bacteria in deep periodontal pockets. Studies have shown that the bacterial levels were inhibited but not fully eliminated. These positive laboratory results suggest that PAD is an effective adjunct to standard scaling and root planning to eliminate peiodontal pathogens. This results in less, periodontitis related bone loss, significant improvement in attachment levels, probing depths and bleeding scores.

Soft Tissue Diode Laser

Our soft tissue laser is a high tech cutting laser with extensive applications in the dental surgery. It is an 810nm soft tissue laser with 2.5 watts of power, making it suitable for all soft tissue and decontamination procedures.

The laser cuts soft tissue cleanly and accurately and coagulates as it goes, meaning no bleeding. There is virtually no heat produced, meaning its safe to use around implants, braces and other metals in the mouth. The laser cauterises nerve endings and decontaminates the surgical field. It is very gentle on soft tissue promoting quick healing with very little or no post operative swelling. Often you don’t even need anaesthetic.

It can be used to decontaminate root canals and deep periodontal pockets. It has been shown to be particularly effective at reducing numbers of the bacteria A. Actinomycetemcomitans in periodontal pockets when compared to deep scaling and root planning. As the gateway to the rest of your body the mouth body relationship has been well established and this particular bacterium has been detected in atherosclerotic plaque associated with coronary heart disease.

Some of its uses include gingival troughing for crown Impressions, gingivectomies, crown lengthening procedures, hemostasis & coagulation , biopsies , exposure of unerupted teeth  , frenectomies,  implant recovery,  incision and drainage of abscess,   decontamination of root canals , reduction of gingival hypertrophy, treatment of ulcers, and peridontal procedures.

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