The Biomimetic Principle

The ultimate aim when repairing a fractured or decayed tooth should be to restore it, as best as possible, to its natural, intact state. This is no mean feat considering enamel and dentine’s relative brittleness. The secret to the tooth’s resilience is in the intimate and balanced relationship between its different tissues. Considering this, more severe tooth preparation, to allow stiffer and stronger restorations, is not always better. Recent advances in bonding technology, and new adhesive techniques, allow for extremely strong, high performance, predictable bonds to both enamel and dentine. This means minimally invasive, conservative tooth preparation, which enables the restorative dentist to maximize the maintenance of sound tooth structure and best reproduce the bio-mechanical behaviour of the intact tooth. To keep the pulp alive and emulate the mechanics, function and aesthetics of nature is the bio-mimetic principle.

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