Biocompatible Materials

Biocompatible Materials

Although no dental material is perfect and will ever be as good as your original tooth structure, we always endeavour to choose dental materials that are the “next best thing.”

With over 20 years of researching dental materials, we only use the best and most biocompatible (including the only truly BPA free white filling material on the market). When choosing dental materials it is important to ensure it will not elicit any harmful side effects in your body, whether it is on a general or a more individual level.

On a general level the material must be assessed on how it interacts with human tissue. It must not be toxic on a cellular level, i.e. it must not poison cells. The toxicity of a material is a characteristic of the material and tends to elicit the same negative response in everyone.

People may react to specific materials in different ways depending on their biochemical makeup. This is an immunological reaction, e.g. food allergies, contact dermatitis. To assess your individual sensitivity to dental materials we offer biocompatibility testing on a huge database of dental materials.

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