Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

“Health care is much more about health promotion, than the alleviation of the symptoms of disease.”

Holism (derived from the Greek word ‘holes’ for whole) is a philosophy in which the person, their body and their mind are considered as an individual entity. So, your Holistic Dentist will take into consideration not only your physical and biological components; but your emotional and spiritual components as well. These four components make up the vital functioning person.

Dentistry is an orthodox profession. Yet unwittingly, dentists have the one holistic mechanism that escapes most health professionals – the six monthly check-up. This unique opportunity to view people on a regular basis when healthy would be the Holistic practitioners dream. Most Dentists waste the opportunity by only looking for disease. When we adopt a Holistic Philosophy we have the means to remove disease before the symptoms manifest themselves and to fine tune the body so their health is maintained.

What to expect from a Holistic Dentist

Apart form the Dentist’s desire to be more than a ‘molar mechanic’ and to try to treat the whole person, there are some basic requirements on a more practical level.

 Exclusive use of Bio-Compatible materials.

  • Safe amalgam removal and mercury detoxification.
  • Proper extraction techniques including; sectioning the teeth to minimise dislocating or damaging the jaw bone and curettage or cleaning the socket to prevent the occurrence of Osteitis (chronic infection of the jaw bone).
  • Dental water free of bacteria

From this platform of basic requirements your holistic dentist might offer further complimentary therapies over and above nutritional supplements and advices.

Your holistic dentist needs a network of good complimentary and orthodox practitioners for referral purposes essential to meet the needs of a comprehensive holistic approach..

Approaching all treatments holistically we exhaustively research materials and techniques to ensure we are providing you with the highest standards of care. We only use the most biocompatible materials. We offer sensitivity testing to all patients where a blood sample is sent to The Clifford Research Institute for testing. They have one of the largest databases of dental materials in the world, and provide you with an extremely detailed report of what materials are best suited to you, and more importantly what ones are best avoided.

We have a large range of supplements to compliment our treatments, address systemic issues and help you achieve optimum health. We offer patients an anti oxidant drink to help reverse the affects of local anaesthetic following appointments and also to help bind free radicals following x rays.

We only use digital x rays providing the lowest dose of radiation without compromising quality. Additionally we have attached special collimators to all our x ray units to further reduce scatter from the beams by up to 80%.

We use technology to limit your chemical load. PAD red light laser for disinfecting root canals, deep cavities and periodontal pockets. Our intra oral scanner replaces impression material and adhesives. We have a diode laser to cauterise bleeding instead of toxic astringents.

In summary at Brunswick Holistic Dental Centre, we feel the most important qualities of a Holistic Dentist are;

  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Have their heart in their work
  • Be flexible and willing to provide the services their patients desire even if it means doing research on their behalf
  • Be humble

The most holistic service a Dentist can do is support Prevention, helping  our patients with their oral hygiene.

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