New Patient Offer

New Patient Offer

Your first appointment with us is possibly your most important. It is where we assess your medical and dental history, discuss ongoing issues and treatment goals and take time to carefully and comprehensively assess your teeth, gums and surrounding structures.

It is important that this appointment is dedicated only to examining, assessing and treatment planning. It allows us to fully understand your individual treatment needs, gives you the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your oral health and enables us to provide you with ongoing exceptional dental care.

The initial appointment provides a reference point that can always be referred to, ensuring we work together with you to reach and surpass your treatment goals.

During your initial appointment we will;

  • Assess and discuss your medical and dental history
  • Ask you to identify any treatment goals and objectives you have
  • Carry out a comprehensive and meticulous examination of your teeth and surrounding structures
  • Take digital x rays
  • Take any photos required
  • Record study models if required.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Show you all options in animated 3d software

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This offer is free to all patients with private health insurance with dental cover or $50 to patients without a health fund.

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  • dentisure
  • hcf
  • Bupa